Saturday, September 27, 2008

Robert Dunn, RIP

A sad day for our Gazebo family; Robert Dunn, a gentle man who was one of our most popular and beloved readers passed away on Thursday.

I first met Robert at a reading at the Village Bookstore early in the summer of 2007. J R Turek was the feature, and as she was one of our earliest and most staunch supporters, and as I still had a few openings, I went to listen to her, to pass out a few flyers and, perhaps, recruit a few poets.

Robert read in the "open mike" portion. He was, as always, funny and insightful and thoroughly unique. He subsequently attended our Gazebo a number of times as an audience member, bringing, as his lawn chair, a wheelchair. Unique. A different drummer.

To everyone's delight, he also read for us, both last year and this summer. Last year he pitched in unquestioningly for two "crises" we had--first, pitched in on a moment's notice and read a few poems to help fill in some time occasioned by a couple of last minute reader cancellations.

The second "save", and one I will always remember fondly, occurred when Denis Gray, our last reader of the 2007 season, found himself enveloped by darkness-- the late August sun fell on us too early. Robert again came to the rescue--Denis read his marvelous work by the light of Robert's flashlight, which Robert held expertly over Denis' shoulder.

Robert's poetry was refreshing and comical, in a wry, intelligent manner.
His work, like Robert himself, was simply...unique.

I won't pretend I knew him well; although it was on my Fall "to do" list, I never even made it to his Asbestos readings. But he always had a kind word, or at least a curmudgeonly-humorous one, whenever we met, and I will always consider myself a huge Robert Dunn fan.

I understand that there will not be public services, but that there will be a memorial for him at The Vault, 90-21 Springfield Blvd, Queens Village. on Oct. 11th at 9:00 PM.and a small memorial at The Farmingdale Reading Series, Saturday, October 4, 2008 1:30 PM The Farmingdale Public Library 116 Merritts Road (Downstairs: Room A).

Our literary circle is poorer for his passing. On behalf of all of us here at the Summer Gazebo Readings series, we wish his family and friends peace.

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