Thursday, May 2, 2013

Patricia Beckerman

Patricia Beckerman
Through the sacred dance...
I will be still an instant, and go home.
Embattled hearts clash, bleed, and retreat....
Yet I can find a fountain flowing sweet, on this battleground!
The floods and quakes induce the Mother's labor
And I birth my
And feel the birth pangs moving through my feet.
I will be still an instant, and go home.
And reach the sunlit eye of any storm.
A prison can imprison only form!
Let there be light!
While Mother Earth's sap pulses through my limbs this dancing night,
While sister-hearts are gathered
We are free to take a flight
Through ecstasy...
Into blissfulness!
As suns a billion bright
Might shine away the night!
We rise, we fall, we twirl
We whirl like dervishes...
And while we let the moonbeams spin us
Our planet spins within us
We celebrate this earth-space
And our dancing clears a birthplace
Of the spirit!
Let it dance,
Let it flow...
While it's flowing,
Let us know:
We are stillness in the center of a whirlwind of adverture!
In the center of you, I discover there's me!
Let us dance tonight, ladies,
Let us dance....
....and be free!
The Summer Gazebo Readings are held each Monday evening at 7pm in June, July & August. Each evening 4-5 authors and poets share their work from our Gazebo on Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside, NY. SGR is produced by the Kiwanis Club of Oceanside. Funds raised through sponsorships help send underprivileged kids to Kamp Kiwanis each summer. This summer marks our 7th season!

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