Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cliff Kretkowski

Before My Helpless Sight
“Our distant rest,” was Owens song,
as marching soldiers trudged along;
to the place of the scene of imagined hope – the possible
pause from the refrain of war.

Rest is distant and far for some
and can spoil the journey to where we long
for our deepest, remotest, broken hearts - where a silent
belief of what’s to come.

In the trenches of my desperate life
where “drowning” and “flound’ring” had become
my norm. I begged for rest and there to find - the dream
of where I knew I could lie.

Cliff Kretkowski

The Summer Gazebo Readings are held each Monday evening at 7pm in June, July & August. Each evening 4-5 authors and poets share their work from our Gazebo on Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside, NY. SGR is produced by the Kiwanis Club of Oceanside. Funds raised through sponsorships help send underprivileged kids to Kamp Kiwanis each summer. This summer marks our 7th season!

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