Friday, May 15, 2009

A Poem by George Wallace

by George Wallace

The world is flat enough for me
in summer, if you lie yourself
down against it the world is
flat as a cat's tongue, flat as
flapjacks in a pan, flat as a
circus tent after the tentpegs
have been pulled out of the
ground and the elephants are
milling around, o yes you're
flat enough for me, world!
flat as a ten cent piece in the
palm of a small boy's hand, flat
as a drought in corn country,
a machete swung in sugar
cane, take that, flat! the world
is flat! flat as streetlights when
it rains or the long fingernail of
god, pried into the space between
blue sky and the surface of a
very flat lake, flat as the swath
of a ufo as it comes and goes
between clouds, flat as linnaeus
listening for the microscopic speech
of small white flowers in tall uncut grass

George Wallace

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