Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Poem By Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan

We're going to try something a bit new-- each day from now until the season starts on June 2, we're going to publish a poem or short work.

Send us a poem--no more than 20 lines!- for publication here. We don't care if it's been published elsewhere--just so that you have the rights to it (all rights remain with you, except for this one-time publication and the archives the site maintains). Make sure it is "Gazebo friendly"-- that is, something that could be read at the Gazebo. We'll publish one per day between now and the opening of the season-- No editing-- the choice will be random.

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So here is our first poem, by our good friend Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan--the new Suffolk County Poet Laureate!!!

Mother Moon

Pale, pregnant winter Moon, so low she hangs
in clear night sky like sweet fruit ripe on vine. Moon seeds explode. Ten million seeds spread, spiral earthward. Seeds implant in frost-covered ground.
They sleep till spring, when earth wakes. Grow all summer
long. Harvest time I claim my miniature
my yard holds mine. I gaze up nightly. Know another event won’t happen again. I tell
my child how Mother Moon had birthed her
small golden child who lights the night for us.

Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan

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