Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Poem by Louisa Calio

Sky Openings Khartoum Sudan
by Louisa Calio

The night was totally still
empty of any artificial light or sound
as it rarely is in industrial countries
and although you complain
of these troublesome blackouts
the poor electrical connections in Khartoum
for me, so burdened with progress and stress
This was a reprieve--
the sky so close and black except for punctuating stars, I could nearly touch the diamonds
as you walk weighted beside me, an ancestral figure, head filled with thoughts of war
bent you were
with only your eyes touching the heavens.
You said, you didn’t want the law or politics anymore- what then would be next?
We wondered
as the sky brought its unspoken reply.
For once, we didn’t drop to the earthly plight
For once we felt -- the space--
interplanetary, stellar potential
the end of the Piscean Age
Pressing us to new life!

Louisa Calio award winning writer and Director of the Poets and Writers Piazza for Hofstra’s Italian Experience …also lives in Montego Bay Jamaica. This poem was the winner of the Barbara Jones Award for Poetry Trinidad and Tobago.

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