Friday, June 12, 2009

A Poem by Barbara Reiher-Meyers

by Barbara Reiher-Meyers

It’s poison ivy time;
get out the calamine.
It’s not my favorite vine.
See how the blisters shine.

I’m itchy and forlorn.
It grows upon my lawn
from dusk to early dawn.
How I wish it was gone.

Three very shiny leaves
each Spring are my pet peeve.
The presents I receive
just spread and will not leave.

It makes my temper rise
when blisters grow in size.
I fight it as it tries
to creep up on my thighs.

(This can be sung to the tune of “Ta Ra Ra Boom- De-Ay”, if that’s legal. If not, you can thank me for planting the tune in your head, to resound for the next few days.) 

Barbara will be appearing at The Gazebo on July 20, 2009.

The Summer Gazebo Readings feature 4 author/poets each Monday evening in June, July and August, 7 pm at Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside, NY. See the links to the right for our schedule and directions. Bring a lawn chair and come on down!  

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