Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Poem by Phil Reinstein

Being in the New Millennium
by Phil Reinstein

Days blend in haze while wondering why
searching for answers just rolling along
lurching towards living, part of a throng,  
time seems to fly as these days drift on by
waxing and waning wearing highs or a sigh
You were shaken then taken near the prime of your life
with things just finally breaking your way
with wings and with passion just aching for play
finding your love in your afternoon sky
In bookstores at Starbucks with bagel or scone
Dancing, with poets, at tennis, alone
chancing auditions for love on the phone
connecting to companion unknown
Not lonely yet lonesome i labor days through
requesting relief of troubles and pain
reaping rewards without tangible gain
keeping you close to my core to sustain
accepting what happened to you I must do
My Millennium self in myself is what’s new
My Millennium take on my aging… true too
Phil is a Sponsor of the Summer Gazebo Readings.

The Summer Gazebo Readings feature 4 author/poets each Monday evening in June, July and August, 7 pm at Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside, NY. See the links to the right for our schedule and directions. Bring a lawn chair and come on down!                      

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