Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Poem by Dd. Spungin

The Reunion
by Dd. Spungin

Scientists crack open a brain
Not ready for the host of memories
Spilling out all over the lab table
Not ready for the years rolling
Onto the antiseptic tile floor
Pooling, puddling, seeping into the grout
Creeping under the door, 
Out, into the hall
Running in rivulets to the stairwell
Waiting at the elevator
Cascading down the empty shaft
Dripping into the ground beneath the building
Into the fertile earth, worms and robins
Messing about, pulling the memories
Here and there,
Moving them around
Flying with bits in beaks
Making nests
Baby birds nestling, trilliing
Memories, thrilling
The world spinning
Around retrieved sights,
Sounds, scenes
Preserved in yearbooks
Whispers, dreams.
The Summer Gazebo Readings feature 4 author/poets each Monday evening in June, July and August, 7 pm at Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside, NY. See the links to the right for our schedule and directions. Bring a lawn chair and come on down!

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bloomeanie said...

Wonderful. Evocative, and well-written.