Saturday, June 13, 2009

a Poem by Jillian Dolan

Making Meaning of a Place I Have Yet to Find
by Jillian Dolan

speak with a soft song to my mind,
calm the anxiety
for there's always something in the way of our dreams

and time has become just another burden to bear
because there's a fine line between success and failure these days

now society is stiff like porcelain, but not nearly as perfect
we live in a world where father dies and mother cries
and we are poisoned by the worries of an everyday routine

it's cold hard stone that secures our inhibitions
and i don't want to carry that boulder on my back anymore
i want to be young like a child
i want to be free again
i want to be free

there, my shrouded thoughts subside
i awake to a translucent breeze
and where warm wind dances with the maple branches

hidden deep in the meadow small creatures whisper
and a sweet forest smell bides after sun showers
where daylight beams through the cloud covered heavens
and the single stream always has a new story to tell

heres to having a velvet embrace,
to indulge in the champagne of desire
until the fires and the stars never looked so bright

lets go back to babies soft skin, and father always there
and mother never cries
because she doesn't have to

where the wild winds and kindred spirits linger
over the vast plains of our conscience
please leave me to my dream
i wish to settle here
so time is never an issue

someday we will all awaken our wild, velvet, brilliant, champagne drenched souls
soon, i hope, we may unearth our way to this place
and we will be free again
we will be free

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